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Lotus Multi Training Pvt Ltd

LOTUS Itahari is a pioneer computer, Language training institute and Education Consultancy based in Itahari Chowk, Nepal. Our aims is to provide comprehensive and professional guidance in Test Preparation, Korean Langauge, Japanees Langauge, Hibrew Language, English Language, Computer Trainings, Abroad Study Counseling and travel services with the help of modern technical support.

Abroad Study

We provide professional counseling to students and parents who want to study abroad. 

We focus on high rated universities and colleges from Australia, Japan, Canada, UK and from different countries around the world.

Our Services Includes

Language Training

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Computer Classes

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ID Card

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Check Our Publication

We are able to publish our first class korean language publication which is higer rated in the market. Please feel free to check all our publications.

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